Saturday, August 21, 2010

On August 12, 2010, we drove to Broken Arrow/Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit our son Paul Ricketts, wife Rebecca and grandsons Caleb and Sammy. We stopped overnight in Jackson, Tennessee. The distance was 1,087 miles. They didn't make it to Virginia this summer, so we made this trip. Once Tulsa and Broken Arrow were 15 miles apart, but now they run together.

Caleb is nine years old and Caleb almost 12. This is at Lone Star Steak House. It was nice of Oklahoma to let Texas build there.
We traveled up Route 66 about 25 miles to Claremore for Sammy's practive his football team, the Broken Arrow Tigers.

This is the beautiful home field for the Claremore Zebras. Claremore is near the home of Will Rogers who died in a plane crash in the 1930s. He is buried at the Will Rogers Museum in Claremore. The museum shows many of the almost his 100 movies, beginning with silent films

Nancye, Caleb, Sammy and Danny at the Union High School in Tulsa. We visited Pastor Billy Jo Watts' Rock Church. The church is renting space from the school until they build a building.

The new Holiday Inn in Tulsa just opened in April. When we checked in, they gave Nancye and I an upgrade to the "King's Suite." Everything was very nice. This is the salt water swimming pool.

Sammy and Cabel enjoyed the salt water with no chlorine in the pool

We visited Andralid Rivera and daughters Rachel and Jessie in Tulsa. Oscar was preaching in a prison and son Jonathan missed the picture. Oscar, Andralid and the girls were with us to minister at Victory Family Church in Danville a few months ago.
Dan and Nan with Sammy Ricketts at Claremore's Zebra Stadium

On the way back we spent the night with Wade and Renee Johnson in Alabama. Wade and I worked together in Turkey from 1961-1963. We were room mates at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas until Wade got married in 1964.

Renee was working at a San Antonio super market when Wade and I went to work there in 1963. We worked part time after our Air Force duties. Wade seems to have liked Renee. They have been together 46 years.

Back to Zebra Field in Claremore. The Oklahoma high school stadiums are really nice. This one has AstroTurf and is very colorful.

The Broken Arrow Tigers hit the practice field. Sammy Ricketts played left guard.
Sammy is second from left. His numbered jersey had not yet arrived.

Paul and Sammy in uniform with helment

Sammy with grandparents Nan and Dan Ricketts

Sammy with grand dad

Tigers cheerleader with grandmother

Sammy with big brother Caleb at Claremore, Oklahoma

Sammy's fans, Nancye, Paul, Caleb, & Rebecca

Jessie, Andralid & Rachel Rivera in Tulsa